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Digital Catholica from CRRA: Welcome

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Detail from a work from the Ade Bethune Collection at St. Catherine University. Used with the kind permission of the St. Catherine University Archives and Special Collections.

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Learn About CRRA

Below is the link to the full CRRA website, as well as the links to other ongoing initiatives of CRRA. 


Follow the link below to find digitized Catholic materials beyond those found at CRRA Institutions (though this site does link to some CRRA-member collections)

Hidden Catholic Collections


Digital Catholica

Selected collections of digitized Catholic materials from the libraries of CRRA institutions

Welcome to this research guide created especially to link you to a selection of digitized materials on many aspects of Catholicism in the United States. All of these collections are owned by libraries of member institutions of the Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA), and have been digitized so that these materials can be easily accessed by researchers around the world. At this time, this page provides links to collections from 21 of the 39 member or partner institutions in the CRRA, but more will be added as they are made available.

The types of materials that you can view are diverse:

  • books
  • papers and manuscripts
  • photographs
  • art
  • postcards
  • dolls
  • maps
  • sound files
  • even a comic book

The collections have been supplied by university and diocesan libraries. While most of the institutions represented provide access to many more electronic collections than these, those showcased here are ones that would seem to appeal to a wider rather than local audience.

The collections have been presented in two ways: alphabetically by title of collection and by contributing institution. You can access the various parts of this research guide by clicking the blue tabs at the top of the screen.

Many American Catholic newspapers have been digitized by CRRA members institutions, but they are not included in this list. To see them, click on the "Catholic Newspapers Program" link that is in the box in the upper left on each page of this research guide.


If you are interested in learning more about CRRA, please click the link in the box on the left.