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CRRA @ Template: Collection Details

This is a template that can be used by CRRA institutions to create a guide about their membership and participation in CRRA

Collection Details

The collection can be accessed through CCRA's website at

Collection Outline

There are twelve areas that CRRA has identified as particular themes and interests of importance.

  • Catholic Education
  • Catholic Intellectual Life
  • Catholic Literary Figures
  • Catholic Liturgy and Devotion
  • Catholic Missions
  • Catholic Social Action
  • Diocesan Collections
    • including papers of Bishops
  • Men's Religious Orders
  • Peace Building
  • Religion and Citizenship
  • Vatican II
  • Women's Religious Orders

The Collection Policy Statement has more information on the content of CRRA.


Making Your Content Available Through CRRA

Want to add your collection to the Portal?  First, become a member!  Second, follow these steps below:

  • Understand the Scope of the Portal.
  • Identify Your Resources and Collections.
  • Determine How Your Resources and Collections are Described.
  • Optionally, Flag Records as "CRRA."
  • Validate Records.
  • Extract Metadate Records.
  • Create a Workflow.
  • Repeat.

Still have a question?  You can check out the entire guide or contact Eric Lease Morgan at, 574-631-8604 or Pat Lawton at, 574-631-1324. 

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