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From Interracial Sit-Ins to Interreligious Solidarity: 1964

Grades 6-12


A major step forward for Civil Rights was the U.S. government’s passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but in April of that year it wasn’t a certainty. So, the National Interreligious Convocation on Civil Rights was sponsored by the Commission on Religion and Race of the National Council of Churches, the Social Action Department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, and the Commission on Social Action of the Synagogue Council of America, in cooperation with the Washington Interreligious Committee on Race Relations. The Catholic Transcript announced the event.

Explore The Catholic News Archive and find the article mentioned above:

Find the quotes in the article and choose the correct word(s) to complete them:

Catholic, Protestant and Jewish leaders will [ignore or stress] the moral issues at stake in the fight for civil rights.

An invitation to the convocation [will not or will] be sent to each senator and representative.

PLANS CALL for [similar or segregated] civil rights convocations to be held under [Catholic or interreligious] sponsorship in communities throughout the nation at the same time as the one here or later. 

IN RECENT WEEKS leaders in the effort to win passage of the civil rights bill have [never or several times] stressed the need for church support. Backhanded confirmation of the [importance or insignificance] of the churches’ role has come even from one of the rights bill’s [southern or northern] opponents.

WHILE the churches’ task is “essentially moral and spiritual," they said, this does not mean they can be “uninvolved spectators" of the [Presidential or Senate] debate.

Voting, public accommodations, education and jobs [are or are not] among the areas covered by the civil rights bill.


Continue by exploring The Catholic News Archive on your own for other major events from the Civil Rights Era.