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The Catholic Portal: What It Is and How to Use It: Is Full Text Available?

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Below is the link to the full CRRA website, as well as the links to other ongoing initiatives of CRRA. 

 Is Full Text Available?

The Portal presently contains records to uncommon, rare, and unique member-held resources in all formats. For a growing number of these resources the full text of the item in digital format is provided. After performing a search of the Portal, how can you tell if full text of an item is available?

Look at the bottom of the catalog record. That an item is available electronically will be indicated by the word "Electronic." In that case you will also see a "Get full text" link. Click it so see the text of the item.


Alternatively, you may see links to full text such as these. There may be variations on these, but there will be an indication in a record if the material is electronically available.