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A CRRA subject guide

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Welcome to this CRRA subject guide covering the life and works of St. Augustine of Hippo, the Order of St. Augustine, and other religious institutes that have followed his rule. It will connect the user of the Catholic Portal to links that will search the Portal for books and other sorts of materials, and to electronic collections at CRRA member institutions.  It will also link to relevant, reliable, and useful information on the Internet.

Image: St. Augustine, detail from a painting by Pietro Di Giovanni D'Ambrogio, ca. 1435. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons

Electronic Collections and Exhibits

The Augustinian Institute

The Augustinian Institute serves as an agent and resource  to give Augustine’s thought a vibrant and integral place within Villanova University’s academic and community life (and beyond), and allows that voice of Augustine to continue to speak effectively to today’s world.

Click the link below to visit the Institute's website

Augustinian Institute

Comments & Suggestions

If you have comments or suggestions that will help make this guide more useful, please email them to Ted Bergfelt at Duquesne University using the following link: Send Email